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Fairfax Naturalization And Citizenship Attorneys

There are many ways to become a United States citizen. The experienced team of the Washington Immigration Law Firm are passionate about helping immigrants and their children get the benefits of U.S. citizenship. We know the process can be long and complicated. We work to make becoming a U.S. citizen easier for our clients.

Your immigration lawyer should have experience with the immigration system from all sides. Our team has worked in immigration law for many years and knows the system inside and out. Contact our firm today. Se habla español.

Our Experienced Team Will Figure Out Your Path To Citizenship

If you are an adult who has a green card, you can apply for U.S. citizenship after:

  • Five years, if you meet the eligibility requirements
  • Three years, if you meet the eligibility requirements and your spouse is a U.S. citizen

Noncitizens who are in the military are eligible for citizenship if they meet certain requirements. Their family members are as well.

Noncitizen children of U.S. citizens may qualify for naturalization if they meet specific requirements.

Whatever your case, we will figure out the best way to make your naturalization process go smoothly. In any immigration case, it is important to make sure that applications are complete and do not contain any errors. These can significantly delay your request or cause it to be denied.

With our experience, we can help you obtain citizenship for yourself, your spouse or your child. We also work with people in special situations who require additional legal help. The Washington Immigration Law Firm will work on your behalf to ease your path to citizenship.

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Our Fairfax naturalization and citizenship lawyers meet with clients from our offices in Washington and Fairfax. If you’re in Northern Virginia or the District of Columbia and need an experienced immigration attorney, contact us. Call 202-684-8258 or 703-584-5082, or email us. We speak English, Mandarin and Spanish. Hablamos español.

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